This vote directly impacts you as members of the SVAS. Any concerns can be addressed at this meeting.

Souris Valley Animal Shelter Proposed By-Law Change:

Article III – Membership:

Section C. Privileges of Membership

1. Each adult member shall be entitled to cast one vote at any meeting of the Annual Meeting and Special Meetings requested by the general membership of the SVAS, provided that he or she is a member in good standing. A Family Membership shall be entitled to two (2) votes. There shall be no voting by proxy or cumulative voting.

Voting on the proposed change will be held October 25, 2016 at the Board of Directors meeting, 5:45 pm, North Hardees, Minot ND.


Board of Directors Voting Results:                    

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome back two returning board members (Kris Warmoth and Laura Thomas) and one new board member (Dr. Dyan Underhill).

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