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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Emily Engel
The infamous 2011 Minot Flood Roof Kitty still happy in fur-ever home!

Candy  Dusek
Bumper sticker helps this dog find his fur-ever home!

Kyle & Mallory 
Monroe, formerly Sidney, finds the purr-fect furever home!

Wes & Ashley Hall
Jessie completes the family!

Pauline Thaemert
A trip well worth it's weight in gold!

Janel  Kiefer
Jewel is now a California Girl!!

Aubrey Kirschenmann
Callie floods forever family with loads of joy!

Tracy Christenson
Princess is truly royalty with her forever family!

Tracy Christenson
Naughty puppy grows into much calmer, fantastic family dog!

Jackie Jensen
Everything came up, Daisy's......for this sweet dog!

Crystal Tapia
Best of friends... through good times and bad!

Stephanie Perez
Truly a case of a dog and owners being meant for each other!

Angel Dailey
Sweet Dorrie Makes Her Family Believers in Pet Adoption!

Kelly Bazarte
Inseperable friends!!

Sammi Groves
Everyone loves Oreos!! Especially Sammi!!

Carol Schroeder
Tiger is the King of the Jungle at Carol's House!

Deborah Murry
Autumn fit in almost "autumn-atically"!!!!

Stacy Horn
You've heard of "Lord of the Rings"? This kitty is "Lord of the House"!!

Erin Christensen
Maxwell Assists Forever Family with Kitten!

Wendy Simmons
There's love all around for these alumni!

Breanna Aldrich
Woody is fitting in purrrrrfectly!

Zachary Murry
Patience paid off for Bella & her new family!

Dawn Bolstad
These girls have a run of the farm!

Danielle Sharo
Alphonse Has Made Himself Right at Home!

Tinisha Gimbel
These two are in love!!

Sarah Tullis
This Cicade gives her family love every day ... not like the 17 Year Cicada's!!!

Sharon Freeman
Cody is a Travelin' Man!

Lisa Swanson
Best friends Jacqueline and SVAS adoptee Bella!

Chelsea And Cory Meza
Snowball loves her sleeping arrangements!

Dante and his smile have lit up this family's life!

Kayla Godejohn
Nothing "blue" about this kitty and her new owner!!

Jenna Clark
Won't need the "repo man" for this happy adoptee!