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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Candy  Dusek

I adopted my Maggie Mae from the SVHS in December 2000.  I had just lost my beloved basset Beatrice Mae to cancer that October.  I was very undecided about whether I should adopt Maggie so soon after losing Beatrice.  I prayed one night to God and asked him for a definite answer from Him about whether I should or shouldn't.  The next day I was driving to work and saw a bumper sticker I had never seen before.  It said, "Need a friend?  Adopt a pet at the Souris Valley Humane Society!".  This is where Maggie was!  I feel like God spoke directly to me that day, and she was adopted by nightfall.  I can't imagine loving a dog more than I do Maggie.  She is totally devoted and loyal to me and the sweetest heart I have ever known.weetest heart I have ever known.