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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Danielle Sharo

Alphonse (formerly known as Alchemy- adopted late September 2012) enjoying a bit of stolen knitting. Al has grown up beautifully, reaching a healthy thirteen (!) pounds at 9-11 months in age. He's vocal and loves to talk quietly to himself (I call it muttering) when plotting to misbehave. He enjoys a thorough combing and tolerates nail and toe fur trims as long as he gets a treat after! His favorite game is fetch, and I get tired of it way before he does. He loves cuddles and will have them, whether you're a willing cuddle victim or not! Al especially enjoys laying across my arms when I'm trying to type (ahem). He's such a fun happy boy, full of affection and curiosity. He's the first and best addition to our family so far, and I look forward to many long years of kitty hugs and sandpaper kisses :)