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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Emily Engel

Hello! My name is Roofus. You first met me one year ago when I was trapped on a roof top because of a horrible flood. I was taken to the Pet Evacuation Shelter. Was I ever scared! I was surrounded by barking and meowing and people I didn’t know. There was one cute girl that kept talking to me to make me feel better. One day I was put in a tiny box and taken for a ride. When the lid opened, I was in her bedroom. Susan had sent me home with her to ‘foster’ until her dad was more comfortable having me around. I joined a family with 2 older cats. They were a little over weight until I started chasing them around. They have learned to tolerate me and I only bite their tales every once in a while! I also get to chase Daisy around, my Border Collie friend that lives with me. You may think I am a little strange... I love water! Be prepared for a wet toilet seat when you sit down because I play in the water. My owner fills the bathroom sink with water and puts in some toys for me to play with. The mirror, counter, and I get soaked but boy do I have fun! My favorite place to sleep is in the kitchen sink. I ‘borrowed’ a furry soccer ball from a stuffed bear and I love to score goals. I keep by family busy by pulling their things all over the house: rugs, shoes, clothes, decorations. They sometimes have to hunt to find their things. Oh what fun I have! I had a wet and cold start but I am making up for it with my family, the Engel Family.