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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Jeremy Meier

Here's a picture of Ziva (left) and her buddy Cooper (right). After the passing of our old friend Alfred (14 years old), we decided, after some time, that Cooper needed a friend. We went to the shelter and played with some of the dogs and introduced them to Cooper. Ziva was the only one that bit Cooper (and took some blood), so we thought, well, she's a perfect choice! Ziva's background is a little sketchy, but we do know that she was shot twice, both in her side. When we met her, her side was shaved from the surgery that removed the bullets and fixed her up. She's been to the vet several times since we adopted her and she is doing very well and there aren't any lingering problems from being shot. We named her Ziva after our favorite TV show, "NCIS" because we think Ziva was a really tough lady, just like our new family member, Ziva the dog. She definitely took a little bit to warm up to us, probably because of her past from what I can only assume was an abusive home—after all, she was shot twice, presumably from her previous owner. She's been a wonderful addition to our family and I only had to get a new pair of slippers twice :-)