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Nothing warms the heart more than a successful adoption! Please share your story today! *Only pets adopted specifically from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter may be posted here.

Katy Zeltinger

We adopted Fauna on June 13th, 2014. She is an extra special rescue as we found out she is completely deaf along with neurological problems we already knew about. She was terrified of everything at first. Leaves would startle her as they blew by, a rolling tennis ball would make her run away. She was even scared to step over anything. It took weeks to teach her it was safe to walk out the front door and onto the deck by herself. Fauna has grown so much in size and in courage! She likes to rough house with Roxie, who lets her win most of the time. She is confident and excited to smell new things in the yard and even pounce on a leaf or two. It has been beautiful to watch her develop and she continues to show improvements. She has become a beloved part of our family and I can't imagine her being anywhere.