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Zachary Murry

How beautiful is Bella ,but wow the energy and chewing and puppyness,she is full of it.It was a big adjustment for Autumn,Tate and the rest of us. It is definately getting smoother and she has learned a few my advise to anyone and everyone is don't give up it takes time and patience..It was tempting to turn around the very first night and bring her back as she was scared and in a new enviroment and I wanted to give them a treat and Autumn took her bone.....bad idea....on my part.(she felt threatened and attacked Autumn--did break skin,but it has healed nicely and Autumn was not intimadated)Then it took about three stops to feed and settle her for the ride home.She is settling in and much more secure. Bella and Autumn now play tug with rope toys and both have safe spots if it gets to be too much.