2018 ND Animal Welfare Conference
Minot, September 22nd, 2018

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From: September 22, 2018
To: September 22, 2018

ND 2018 Conference Class Descriptions


Everyone wins! How to Elevate Your Organization’s Practices to Meet or Exceed ASV Standards (eligible for 1.25 CE credits)

The ASV Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animals Shelters provide research-based operational guidelines for upholding the physical, medical and behavioral needs of animals. This session will introduce the ASV Guidelines. We will then focus on how any animal welfare organization can use the ASV Guidelines, along with the concepts of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and Capacity for Care, to improve the health and well-being of their animals and therefore meet and exceed the ASV standards.


Don’t Panic! How to Manage an Infectious Disease Outbreak in any Animal Welfare Setting (eligible for 1.25 CE credits)

Infectious diseases remain persistent challenges for animal welfare organizations.  They threaten the health and wellbeing of individual animals, as well as the populationas a whole.  This session will describe a step-by-step approach to recognizing and responding to a disease outbreak, and how to apply this organized system for response to almost any infectious disease. 



Fundamentals for the Twenty-first Century Grant Seeker

This session will explore grants as the nexus of a relationship between the grantee and the funder. Attendees will learn how to grow relationships with funders 1) by understanding important differences among types of funders 2) by identifying how variations among grant opportunities, procedures and proposal and eligibility guidelines will influence which grants to apply for, 3) by using the grant application to communicate a match between the proposal and the funder's guidelines and programmatic and/or strategic priorities, 4) by stewarding the grant with transparency and diligent compliance, and 5) by using the funders’ reporting requirements build the case for your organization to receive future grants.


Keep it Clean Folks

Whether you house animals in a shelter or in foster care, preventing infectious disease from spreading is vital for every animal welfare organization. Sound sanitation protocols play an essential role in the health of our animals. This session will cover the dos and don’ts of sanitation and proven step by step protocols that will help your organization save time, money and lives!

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