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Lost and Found List

HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THESE MISSING PETS or ARE YOU MISSING A PET ? If so, please contact SVAS at (701) 852-6133 or, if a number is listed in the post, please contact that individual.


Hope Albers

Location:Logan ND
Breed:Black lab
Collar:red I believe she is my brothers dog
Color:Black with a little white
Age:about 4
Tags:Not sure

I know she is a younger black lab I know she has a little white on her. I don't have a picture she is my brothers dog. He doesn't know I'm posting because he just is assuming someone killed her. He has PTSD Iraq war vet and she is his companion. He is beside him self so I'm trying to hell him without bringing it up. He hasn't even told me she ran off. My mom told me he thinks she took after a deer. He lives along the river in Logan ND with lots of trees around. She has ran and chased wild life before but always comes back. I think she has Tags and a red color but he could have changed it. Her name is Missy and she is the most loving loyal beautiful lab. I just want to reunite them. She is definitely a daddy's girl so if you think it maybe her and she sees him she will pee herself more then likely and wine and run to him. Usually he isn't allowed to leave her sight thag is why we think something bad has has happened to her.