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Lost and Found List

HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THESE MISSING PETS or ARE YOU MISSING A PET ? If so, please contact SVAS at (701) 852-6133 or, if a number is listed in the post, please contact that individual.


Julia Salter

Location:North hill
Color:Grey stripes, white paws & chest
Gender:Male (?) -- not sure, he's a stay we've been feeding and bringing inside when it's really cold for the past 3 years

He's a stray we've been taking car of the past few years. He looks like he's been in a few fights because he is missing part of the tip of one of his ears. Kind of hard to see in the picture (it's a small chunk right out of the top). We last saw him in the garage and we fear that he was hiding in the wheel well of my husbands truck and made it to the base. I've called animal control and various other places, and he doesn't meet the description of any of the strays they have on hand. We are very worried about him... If found, we would like to make him a permanent member of our family (tags, shots, etc.) and have him evaluated by a vet. He's never been gone this long, and it's been VERY cold out. Please let me know if you see him! Thank you!! julia