About Us

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter (SVAS) is a nonprofit organization that shelters animals in the Northwest region of North Dakota. Over a span of 40 years, we have helped approximately 35,000 animals through adoptions, spay and neuter services, and microchipping.

We serve over 11 counties encompassing more than 75 miles, including Minot Air Force Base.

Our mission is to create a better world for pets and people by advocating for animals and moving communities forward. Whether we are providing services through our community engagement programs or providing emergency care in situations such as Hurricane Katrina or the 2011 North Dakota flood, our goal is to make our community the very best.

We envision a North Dakota that practices modern-day care, shows compassion, and provides opportunities for shelter pets and the community. For this reason, we are building a shelter that represents the true quality of life for abandoned animals in Minot.

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