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SVAS offers a wide selection of cats, dogs, and other animals which are listed under Pets. You will find a link to on the left where additonal information about our available pets is listed.

To start the adoption process, check out our available pets. Then, plan to visit the Shelter to spend time with the pet(s) you are interested in adopting. Our kennel staff is familiar with the pets here at the Shelter and can assist you with choosing the best pet for your family and your needs.

Once you have found the pet you are looking for we ask that you contact us at  (701) 852-6133 and inquire about our adoption procedures. Most times adoptions can happen in the same day.

The adoption applications are closely reviewed by the SVAS committee to determine if approval is in best interest of the animal and the family. We process applications on a case-by-case basis since, like humans, requirements vary between animals and they may have specific needs or preferences.

SVAS reserves the right to refuse adoption under certain circumstances.

Adoption Prices

$195 – Puppy (2-11 Months)
$150 – Dog, Adult
$85 – Kitten (2-11 Months)
$55 – Cat, Adults