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The death of a cherished pet is a heartbreaking experience. SVAS offers quality pet burial and cremation services for people seeking a dignified alternative for their beloved pet’s remains. Our experienced and professional service includes a couple of cremation options and a variety of attractive urns.

What to do 
You may bring your beloved pet to the SVAS during regular shelter hours. The SVAS is open Tuesday – Friday: 1pm – 6pm and on Saturday 11am – 5pm. Please leave your beloved pet in the vehicle when requesting assistance at the front desk. Our staff will make special arrangements for your pet and meet you and your pet at the side entrance for more discretion and privacy.

Burial Information
All caskets and markers must be approved by the Burial Coordinator if not purchased through the cemetery. Pet owners are not purchasing a plot of ground, but are paying for the privilege of having their pet interred in the cemetery plot. All flower arrangements will be kept for a time frame of no longer than 30 days. Pet owners are responsible for weatherizing any permanent ornaments they may put on their pet’s grave.

Burial Services Rates
The rates for burial of a pet may vary from $180 to $190.

Cremation Options
Individual: This service gives the pet complete privacy in the cremation chamber. All ashes are gathered up and carefully packaged for return to the owner.
Group: This service is for clients who do not wish to retain their pet’s remains, but still wish to ensure that their deceased pet is treated in a dignified manner.

Cremation Services Rates

Individual Cremation:
*Remains are returned to owner in a temporary urn
Any animal under 25 lbs $100.00
25 to 50 lbs. $110.00
51 to 75 lbs. $120.00
76 to 100 lbs. $125.00
(Note: Add a dollar per pound if animal is over 100 pounds)

We have a variety of beautiful urns to order. We have a limited supply of urns for immediate purchase. We also have pendants available that contain a small amount of your pets ashes. Please inquire about this lovely keepsake.