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The Souris Valley Animal Shelter (SVAS) is a nonprofit organization that shelters animals in the Northwest region of North Dakota. Over a span of 40 years, we have helped approximately 35,000 animals through adoptions, spay and neuter services, and micro-chipping. We serve over 11 counties encompassing more than 75 miles, including Minot Air Force Base.

Our mission is to create a better world for pets and people by advocating for animals and moving communities forward. Whether we are providing services through our community engagement programs or providing emergency care in situations such as Hurricane Katrina or the 2011 North Dakota flood, our goal is to make our community the very best.

We envision a North Dakota that practices modern-day care, shows compassion, and provides opportunities for shelter pets and the community. For this reason, we are building a shelter that represents the true quality of life for abandoned animals in Minot.


Capital Campaign

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter (SVAS) is a non-government shelter that advocates for animals in the Minot community. Over a span of 40 years, we have helped approximately 35,000 animals. We serve over 11 counties encompassing more than 75 miles, allowing us to take in roughly 75 animals per month while operating on a $400,000 budget. The SVAS does not only provide services to animals.

We engage in other community activities such as: 

  • Rescue Readers, which promotes confidence in literacy for children and adults by allowing individuals to read to an animal of their choice on a weekly basis. This program also allows shelter pets to socialize prior to adoption, raising the adoptability of the pet significantly. Rescue Readers has a participation rate of approximately 900 children per year and has served over 3,000 children to-date.
  • Pet Therapy, which promotes companionship to the most vulnerable citizens in Minot by taking pets to facilities such as nursing homes, domestic violence centers, the YWCA, and homeless shelters throughout the community. Pet Therapy is run entirely by volunteers in the community and allows the shelter pets to experience new environments prior to being adopted. In 2019 the SVAS team expanded this program to reach individuals combating opioid addiction. 
  • Emergency Housing, which allows SVAS to provide care and shelter for animals whose owner is fleeing a domestic violence situation, or a situation in which homelessness is the result of unforeseen circumstances. The Emergency Housing program has helped over 100 families in the community and continues to be a program that works directly with the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, YWCA, and Sheriff’s Department in Ward County.

The current shelter no longer meets the modern-day standard for proper care.

Several issues include: 

  • Increased stress to animals due to lack of space
  • No means to fully isolate ill or contagious animals
  • Lack of sufficient airflow
  • Absence of indoor space to provide healthy exercise for shelter pets
  • Potential decrease in program activity due to a deteriorating building
  • Black mold in the back corridor of the building
  • Rotting window frames
  • Ineffective plumbing, heating, and AC
  • Minimal to no natural sunlight


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