Surgery Suite

One of the greatest challenges for SVAS is accessing funds for veterinary care.

On average, SVAS spends $40,000 to help injured and ill animals that enter our building. As part of creating a progressive shelter, the SVAS Executive Director had a big idea- to create a surgery suite and teaching facility.

This will allow the SVAS to partner with various veterinary programs in the region to serve as a place for students to learn, and for the community to benefit from low-cost veterinary care. The ultimate goal of the surgery suite is to provide the community affordable services, while also bringing new and innovative ideas to Minot. By providing low-cost spay and neuter services, SVAS will directly combat the overpopulation of pets in the 11 counties we serve.

The surgery suite and teaching facility will be the first of its kind in North Dakota, and we are proud to bring this service to our community.

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