Disaster Preparedness & Your Pets

In the event of a disaster, have a clear idea on what you will do with your pet(s). If an evacuation is ordered, an emergency pet shelter will be set up by Ward County Emergency Management and coordinated by the Souris Valley Animal Shelter. Make sure your pet has current ID and vaccination tags and is micro chipped so your pet can be identified if tags are lost.

Prepare a portable pet disaster kit in a waterproof container in advance in the event you must “grab and go”. SVAS suggests the following items be included in your pet disaster kit:

-Sturdy leashes/harnesses*

-Portable kennel, large enough for pet to stand up and turn around

-Medications, if needed, 30 day supply*

-Medical records with vet contact info*

-Current photos of pet and his/her “people”*

-Supply of food*/potable water

-Food & water bowls

-Litter box/scooper

-Manual can opener, if needed

-Brush or comb

-Familiar toys, blankets with owner scent*

-Special instructions such as feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior info*

-Your contact information plus an alternate contact name/number if we cannot reach you*

*These items are needed if you will be bringing your pet to an emergency pet shelter. It makes it much easier for us to provide your pet with the best possible care if these items are brought with your pet.

It is a good idea to have a folder with all pet information even without a disaster such as a copy of vet records, feeding instructions, behavior information, medical conditions and photos of you with your pet. Micro chips are an added security to easily identify your pet in the event they are lost. SVAS can micro chip your pets for $25 for one pet, $20 for two or more pets.

For more information on preparing for disaster, contact us at 852-6133.

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