What Are The Adoption Requirements For Your Animals

Because animals are individuals with specific needs and preferences, just like humans, the requirements vary between animals. With this in mind, we are looking for homes that can meet the mental (social interaction and training) and physical (food, shelter, and exercise) needs of the animal. For some animals, placement is fairly easy, but on occasions, we do have animals with special needs, be it a health concern requiring surgery or medication, a moderate behavioral concern requiring additional training, or a more severe behavioral concern requiring management (high levels of exercise, no access to other animals, not being allowed to be around children, etc.) For these special cases, we will make every effort to ensure that a potential adopter is made fully aware of the animal’s special needs and we will do our best to ensure that placement is in the best interest of both the animal and the adopter.

Does SVAS Euthanize Animals?

Yes, but every effort is made to minimize the number euthanized. Our focus is the well being of all animals that come through our doors. If an animal is showing signs of distress in our shelter, we take actions towards calming the animal, be it by moving them to a less stressful area of the shelter, providing additional play and training time, and providing mentally stimulating toys for them to play with. We also have foster homes available to help animals that need a little extra TLC to become more adoptable.

How Long Does An Animal Stay At SVAS?

Healthy, meaning the animal does not have a terminal or chronic disease, and friendly animals are given every opportunity to find a new home. The animals are periodically evaluated to determine their temperaments, behavior, and disposition.

What is the adoption process?

If you are interested in adopting an animal, we ask that you fill out an adoption application. On average, it takes 48-72 hours for us to evaluate an application. Upon approval of the application, the adoption may be completed (pending any necessary medical or behavioral evaluations or treatments required prior to the adoption). The adoption fees are $70.00 for dogs and $55.00 for cats.

**We also strongly recommend that you and all of the members of your household spend some time getting to know the animal to make sure that the animal is compatible with your home. In some cases, particularly during some dog adoptions, a staff-supervised introduction between the resident and potential adoptive dogs may be requested for the safety of both the adopter and the animals.**

What Happens If I Get The Animal Home And It Just Doesn’t Work Out?

Built into our adoption contract is a 30-day trial period. During which time, should something arise, be it a change in lifestyle or an unforeseen behavioral issue with the animal, please call the shelter at 852-6133 to make arrangements for returning the animal. Although no refund is given, the adopter is permitted 45 days in which to select a different animal.

 I Have An Animal That I Can No Longer Keep Or Care For. What Do I Need To Do In Order To Surrender The Animal To You For Adoption?

Please call the shelter at 701-852-6133 to be placed on our Waiting List. We understand that some situations require urgency and we will evaluate each on a case-by-case basis. On average, it is approximately 6 months or more, depending on how many pets are on our waiting list at the time. Surrendering fees are: $30.00 for the first animal and $10.00 for each additional pet surrendered not to exceed $50. This fee helps to cover a small fraction of the overall cost of housing and caring for the animal(s).

**If part (or all) of your reason for not wanting to keep the animal is a behavioral concern, please ask us if we have suggestions on resolving or managing the concern. Although we understand that not all human-animal matches are “made in Heaven,” we do have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with many behavioral concerns.**

 I Can’t Adopt An Animal Right Now, But I Want To Help, What Can I Do?

The shelter is always looking for donors, members, and volunteers. If you would like to donate to the shelter, please see our Wish List for items that we currently need. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

Please consider showing your support for our cause by becoming a member of the Animal Shelter. Individual Memberships cost $25 per year and Family Memberships cost $50 per year. Visit our Membership Page here.

Volunteers are much needed and highly appreciated team members at SVAS. They spend their time doing all sorts of activities; from walking dogs and playing with cats, to helping with fundraisers and other shelter activities. Whatever your abilities and availability, we have a place for you!

I Just Found A Stray Animal, What Do I Do?

If you are able to SAFELY handle the animal, check to see if it has a collar and tags. If so, please try to contact the owners. If not, please contact your local law enforcement.

If you cannot SAFELY handle the animal, please contact law enforcement. Do NOT attempt to capture or approach the animal.

Where Can I Find Good Animal Training Information On The Internet?

SVAS endorses and uses the Pets for Life program developed by the Humane Society of the United States and the Dumb Friends League (DFL). The DFL has some of its Behavior Helpline Tips available in .pdf format on the web at http://www.ddfl.org/tips.htm. They also have dog-specific training material at http://www.ddfl.org/beh-commands.htm.

Please feel free to contact the shelter at 852-6133 if you have questions with regard to this information or if you require further assistance. NOTE: If your animal exhibits aggression towards humans (particularly you or any member of your family), a trainer experienced in working with aggression should be contacted immediately.

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