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Legally We Cannot

We receive numerous phone calls concerning animal abuse, animal neglect, animal abandonment, or animal mistreatment. And as much as the SVAS would love to handle or investigate these cases we do not have legal jurisdiction within the state of North Dakota. The SVAS provides shelter, food, water and care for animals that are surrendered, abandoned, neglected but we are nothing more than a depository. However, there are actions that the general public can and must take to prevent and/or stop unjustifiable neglect. It is our responsibility to stand up for the rights of animals. Please take a moment to read and familiarize yourself with the statutes concerning the Inhumane Treatment of Animals. We all have a moral obligation to take care of the animals under our care- so act and act quickly and make sure the proper authority acts on your complaint! Remember this, just because the call is made doesn’t mean something will be done—follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!!!!!!!

Phone Numbers:
Minot City Pound: 701.852.6802
Police Department for Animal Control: 701.852.0111
Ward County Sheriff: 701.857.6500

Click Here to read the NORTH DAKOTA CENTURY CODE. TITLE 36. LIVESTOCK. CHAPTER 36-21.1. HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS. 36-21.1-02 Overworking, mistreating, or abandoning animals