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Mission Statement

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter is an advocate for animals; we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • We shelter and care for lost and unwanted animals.
  • We find lifelong, loving homes for every adoptable pet.
  • We implement spay/neuter programs.
  • We promote responsible pet ownership through Humane Education.


We are proud to have 40 years of community service and the successful return or placement of approximately 35,000 animals. In addition, we have closed four major puppy mills. On a national level we have assisted with housing 10 Hurricane Katrina animals, all of which went to loving homes. Within the past 5 years, we have rescued more than 45 dogs from neglect situations. During the flood in Minot of 2011, we opened a Pet Evacuation Center and care for 540+ pets belonging to residents who were evacuated. We ran this facility, in addition to our primary facility, from June 2011 until the end of August 2011. Of the 540+ pets, only 19 were unable to be picked up by their owners and were therefore, brought back with us to our Shelter and placed up for adoption.

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter strives to improve the quality of life for our two- and four-legged friends in 11 counties, comprised of approximately 100,000 people- encompassing more than 75 miles. In addition, the SVAS provides a safe haven for homeless animals that have no place to go- without us hundreds of animals would be abandoned to either die on the streets or in the city pound. We take in approximately 75 animals per month. In addition to those surrendered by their owners, we take in strays from the city, the surrounding counties and Minot Air Force Base. To date the SVAS is contracted with nine cities within three counties.

Of course, our mission would be impossible if it weren’t for our volunteers who do everything from walking dogs, socializing cats, cleaning kennels, manning information booths/fundraisers to taking care of the grounds-our volunteer force fills in our gaps wherever needed. Our public and corporate members provide financial support through yearly individual and corporate memberships.

Want to help? Learn more about our capital campaign and project to build a new building here.