Needs List

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Items in bold are those needed most.

·      Cat litter (non-clumping)

·      Cat toys

·      Canned cat food

·      Dog Toys

·      Enrichment dog treats(i.e. rawhides)

·      Dog treats (i.e. Beggin’ Strips, Puppeoni)

·      Metal food bowls, non-tipping type

·      Leashes, all sizes

·      Bleach

·      Large lawn bags

·      Dish soap

·      Medical rubber gloves

·      Powdered Laundry Soap

·      Toilet paper

·      Paper towels

·      Sponges with scrubby pads

·      Batteries, “AA”, “C”, & 9 volt

·      Kitten milk replacement, such as KMR brand


How to Help

There are many different ways to help us. Listed to the left are some of the most common types of charitable giving with information about the variety of ways in which you can make a gift to the SVAS.

Please share your plans with us. We can assist you in determining how you wish the SVAS to use your gift. Your contribution will benefit all animals under our care.


Other ways to help:

Donate a Kuranda Bed for our furry friends. Click the link to donate!

Donate a Thundershirt for our furry friends. Click to link to learn about Thundershirts and to donate!