Social Community Partnership

As a 40-year old nonprofit, SVAS remains the only large-scale animal shelter in 11 counties for the northern region of North Dakota. On average, the SVAS assists over 1,000 animals per year. The cost of operating the facility without including staff fees is approximately $145,000, and that’s where we need your help as a Social Community Partner (“So-Co” Partner).

Imagine a Minot with 1,000 additional animals roaming the streets in the next year.
That is the unfortunate scenario our nonprofit and community face if our doors close.

Together, 100 businesses can donate $1,000 and help SVAS obtain a large portion of our annual budget.
Can you step up to help us as we help them?

SVAS Billboard

Veterinary Care


Animal Food




Spay/Neuter Avg.




Facility Repair


Shelter Supplies


SVAS does not only shelter animals.

The organization assists the community through 3 specific programs:

socoRead to the Animals


Pet Therapy


Emergency Housing


A So-Co partnership is for you and your company!

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